Displaying Rallies for Minnesota

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Rally Name City  Date 
MS River Road Run Motorcycle Tour St Paul, MN Aug 15th - 16th, 2009
Minnesota Teen Challenge Freedom Ride Minneapolis, MN Aug 15th, 2009
Biker Sunday St. Peter, MN Aug 16th, 2009
Motorcycle Sunday- 10th Annual St. Peter, MN Aug 17th, 2009
Ride Against Youth Red Lake, MN Aug 22nd, 2009
Sheriff's Posse-Red Cross Ride Mankato, MN Aug 23rd, 2009
Rally Up North Brainerd, MN Sep 4th - 6th, 2009
Minneesota Zoo Foundation Ride 'n Roar Apple Valley, MN Sep 12th, 2009
The 44th Annual Flood Run motorcycle ride Lake St. Croix Beach, MN Sep 19th, 2009
Lynnda Laubach Breast Cancer Awareness Ride Elk River, MN Sep 26th, 2009
CAM's Ride (Cruisin for Autism in Minnesota) Aitkin, MN Dec 31st - Jun 27th, 2009

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