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Mother road Ride Rally

Location: Willowbrook, IL    Jun 12 - 29, 2010
Rally Contact: Pam Woodward - 817-488-4940 - 817-488-4945 (FAX)
Rally Address: Willowbrook IL
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Rally Notes: This is a motorcycle ride down old RT-66. The ride start on the 12th June 2010 at La Quinta Inn in willowbrook, illinois. The ride will go to chicago to catch the beginning of RT-66 and follow RT-66 to santa monica,calif. the ride ends June 19th in santa monica, calif. where there will be a breakfast and awards. The ride will follow a lot of the old RT-66 and will include riding across the mississippi river on the chain of rocks bridge, the ozark trail, original red brick pavement, oatman road to the ghost town of oatman for breakfast. 2010 will be the 16th year for this ride. All bikes welcome. You must register. call 817-488-4940. e-mail or call 304-481-8350 e-mail web site ride of a lifetime. THANK YOU GEORGE HIGGINS RALLY MASTER MOTHER ROAD RIDE RALLY
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